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What are the different doors you provide?

Inframe- A kitchen design where the door of the cabinet is inset within a wooden frame, and the frame is fixed onto the front face of the kitchen carcass.
MDF Beaded- We manufacture this door ourselves, they have a solid beaded insert and bring a sense of class and elegance to your home.
Solid- This is our largest range of doors, they come in everything from traditional style to modern style.
5 Piece- This is a PVC wrap door, these are suited to a more contemporary kitchen design.

Do I need to make an appointment in advance?

Yes you need to book in with us, our showroom is open Monday-Friday 9-5:30pm and Saturdays 9-1pm. If these times do not suit or you cannot make it we will arrange a time out of hours to suit.

Can my kitchen be any colour I want or do I have to pick from a range of colours you provide?

You can choose any colour for your kitchen if you are going with any door other than 5-piece. There are a range of over 30 colours to choose from for a 5-piece door.

How can I get a design and quote for my kitchen? Does it take long?

You can call us on (071)9616006 or you can email us at and we can arrange a free consultation for you. After the first consultation you will receive drawings within the next 7 days. Otherwise if you cannot come in for a consultation we can do an online consultation through Zoom.

What is the lead time once the kitchen is ordered?

The lead time is usually 6-8 weeks but we will keep you updated once the kitchen is ordered if this changes.

Do you provide stone worktops or does the customer need to do this themselves?

We work with Feelystone, Boyle (0719662066) and can get a quote for the worktop, if you would like to get quotes from another company that's no problem. Stone worktops are fitted 10 days after kitchen installation. We also provide laminate worktops and solid wood worktops.

Do you fit nationwide?

Yes we do fit nationwide

How much of a deposit is required? When must the balance be paid?

50% when ordering the kitchen
50% less €500 to cover Manufacturing and Fitting - Due 2 weeks before fitting.
€500 Paid on the day of fitting either to the fitters or over the phone.

Do I need to purchase appliances elsewhere or do you provide these?

We can supply appliances for each customer, some of the brands we provide are Normende, Siemens, Hot Point, Whirlpool, Leben, Elica.
If you want to purchase appliances yourself that's no problem we will just need to know what ones you're ordering and make sure they are the correct size.

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